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Woorank, like Onpage.org, is designed for webmasters that want to audit their sites for known SEO issues. They previously allowed you to perform limited scans for free without registration (once per day), but that is no longer possible. To get a taste of what the tool can do, it might be best to sign up for a 7-day trial (creditcard required, make sure you cancel before the subscription ends!). The trial allows you to fully scan and track one site, including up to 3 competitors. After registering your URL, the scan is submitted immediately, and a few seconds later you have the first results:

woorank website analysis

The Woorank scan checks for the following area's:

  • Optimize (on-page SEO, usability, technique, etc)
  • Promote (Social media, linkbuilding)
  • Measures (Visitors)

The only page that is scanned initially is the homepage. If you need to know how well the rest of your URL's are optimized, you need to re-submit a scan (manually) for that particular URL:

website scan

Especially for larger sites having to submit every individual page could be a pretty cumbersome task... The information you get for that particular page is pretty useful though. Let's dig a bit deeper in the results we get, per each of the area's:

Optimize area

The Optimize options are really the feature adding the most value, and this is where you will spend most of your time. You basically get a green or red checkmark for many different on-page parameters, like metadescription, keywords, heading-usage, etc:

woorank seo check

Other stuff that is checked is:

  • Presence of Robots.txt
  • Presence of sitemap.XML
  • IP canonicalization
  • www versus non-www redirect
  • URL Rewrite
  • Favicon
  • Custom 404-page
  • Etc.

Most of this information is correct and useful, and especially for beginners in SEO this could be a very nice way to check if your individual SEO-parameters pass the test. Most of the findings are correct, though some are a bit off, like the nr. of indexed pages, or a check on mobile redirection (not needed for responsive sites).

Also, you are encouraged to make improvements in your content, if Woorank thinks there is not a blog or a conversion form, it encourages you to create one. Performance is also checked, including individual speed parameters like nr. of HTTP-requests, page size, page load time, etc.

Promote and measure options

The Promote and Measure options are really basic, and do not add much. Basically the Woorank tool offers a social media counter and a visitor counters, plus it encourages you to claim your social media accounts if it finds they are still around (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp, Foursquare):

woorank social

By default, the website analysis is done for the hompage, for further pages a new request has to be submitted. You don't get an overview of site-wide on-page SEO issues, like many other tools provide. Woorank is a nice tool, but to fully scan a site you need to spend quite some time to scan individual pages. Especially because of this, you are probably better off with Lipperhey (free for one account), while also the free versions of WebCEO and SemRush offer SEO-scans.

You can buy a subscription with one detailed review included for one website for $47,- a month, or a full subscription for $142,- a month that allows full scans of 5 websites, and or even more expensive packages.

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