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Webtexttool is a pretty new tool that is built to make it easy to create SEO friendly texts for your projects. Using this tool, you can focus on writing your content, without worrying too much that your text is not SEO friendly.The tool is really easy to use and works in an intuitive way.

Update: A Joomla integration is currently available! See this blogpost.

Happily Webtexttool has a free version that allows you to create 1 project and 1 page, so you can try it out without any worries. Actually I wrote this article using the actual tool ;)

The Webtexttool interface

As a start, you need to create a project, as all pages are linked to projects, allowing you to create a logical overview. Simply click on the Create Project button and give it a name and an optional description. From within the project you see an overview of your existing pages and a button to create new ones:

webtexttool pages

To create a new page, click on the Create button. The process is pretty straightforward, just a few steps, indicated by the progressbar:

webtexttool progress bar

So the next step is to choose a keyword to optimize for. You start of by simply typing one in, but Webtexttool also offers you the possibility to offer alternative suggestions if you click the Give me suggestions button. This opens a selection of related keywords, including metrics about Search Volume and Competition. This list is fed by SemRush, which provides excellent keyword suggestion services. Then either pick one of the suggestions or stick to your chosen keyword:

webtexttool keyword suggest tool

Optionally you can now start with a pre-defined template with dummy text and headers or start off blank. This then brings you in the final step, which is actually where you will be working most of the time, the Edit page screen. In this screen you will be performing your SEO copywriting work. As you are typing along, your text is checked real time for existence of your chosen keyword. The tool checks presence of the keyword in the following locations:

  • Page title
  • Metadescription
  • H1 heading and H2-H6
  • Bold and Italic
  • Minimum number of words (200)

These checks are shown in the sidebar continuously and should turn green as you go along, including a percentage of goals achieved:

webtexttool editor

Note that it is not always necessary to aim for 100%. Issues like missing italic text is not as bad as missing H1's, so use common sense here. 


This tool could be a very valuable addition to your toolkit, especially for beginning copywriters or agencies that need to cooperate on projects. Also you can use the tool to paste in your existing HTML as a verification step. For very experienced SEO copywriters the tool may be of less value, as these are usually drilled in thinking SEO (they have a brain that has a webtexttool implanted ;)

The fact that you can try it out for free gives you plenty of room for experimentation, and the paid packages are not that expensive too: €8,95 for the Copywriter package and €39,95 for full functionality for SEO agencies. Simply start with a free Webtexttool account here.

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