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Ryte.com (formerly On-page.org) is one of the best on-page SEO tool, highly recommended by Joomlaseo.com (see review). Free for 1 account (forever)!!!

WebCEO is meant to be a full SEO optimization / analysis service, similar to tools like Moz and Raven Tools. It's easy to try out because WebCEO offers a free version (Moz and Raven only allow 30-day trials). WebCEO allows you to analyze two websites for free, offering most functionality, though a bit limited, but without a time limit. Also you can simply remove a project and replace it with a new one, so for webdesigners and SEO experts on a budget it might be a good service. This is how the opening dashboard with your projects looks like:


What is quite striking about the service is the clean interface, allowing to browse quickly through all options. On first sight the interface looks less stunning then the fancy screens offered in Moz and Raven, but when you spend much time in the tool, you appreciate the speed of browsing (as you would on any site ;). The initial overview already gives you quick navigation links to important area's as well as indicators about the status of important stuff (ranking, traffic, social media presence, backlinks, etc. You can even choose to have  a compact or wide dashboard. Especially if you have many sites, the compact overview allows you to see all information in one screen.

The navigation is accessible as a fly-out menu from within any part of the WebCEO tool:

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Under Site Audit, keyword research works nicely, as already discussed in the keyword research article on this site. Link-analysis on the site is also offered, for dead links (very important) and internal link text analysis. On page SEO analysis is probably one of your prime interests when you build a fresh site (or do a review for a site), and this is performed nicely, allowing you to drill down on any issue. The audit is performed for all URLs for your site (limited to 100 URLs in the free version):

webceo on page seo issues

Initially you will probably focus on the on-page issues, but later you will probably do more. Rank tracking especially is a very nice option, especially the option to track several country-specific and language specific search engines, though search depth is limited to the first 30 results in Google (for deeper rank checking, a paid sunscription is needed), and 10 keywords per site in the free version:


Apart from these features, WebCEO offers many other options that other audit tools are also offering, like back-link analysis, social media monitoring, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools integration, etc. Some interesting options that not all tools offer are the following:

  • Sitemap generation and submission to search engines
  • Content submission to directories, search engines, blog sites (I will test this out later)

Basically WebCEO can be used as a full SEO solution. Whether it does or doesn't serve all your needs is something that you should try out. Many SEO consultants use several tools, and this could be one of them.

As far as pricing goes, the free version is nice to try out, and paid options start at $69,- for 5 sites, with more plans for higher demands. Especially the cheap plan makes it probably the best buy for small agencies. If you need to monitor more sites, you have more options. For larger agencies, the PRO plan is probably the best option. It starts at $99,- with some additional scanning costs.

Also, WebCEO has a desk-top version that can be acquired for $499 (40% off if you buy within the trial), without the need for a subscription.

You can check out all pricing options for WebCEO on their sign-up page.

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