When all you need is to track rankings in search engines, SE Ranking might be the choice for you. Other tools like SEMrush and WebCEO also offer this functionality amongst their functions, but the monthly costs add up, while SE Ranking is relatively cheap, and is specialized in exactly this subject.

You can monitor ranks for many websites on a daily basis, for multiple search engines. Especially for relatively new sites, monitoring how well you do in search engines is very important. SE Ranking is a relatively new player in the field of SEO tools, but they seem to do a nice job. let me walk you through their services:

Sign up and add your first site

Once signed up for SEranking.com, you will have to add your sites first. Start by supplying your URL, SERP depth (up to rank 200 is possible) and frequency for your reports:

Then enter the keywords you would like to minitor. You have the opportunity to connect your account to Google Analytics and import keywords from there, but you can also enter them manually, with the possibility to put them in different groups:

After this, you can define multiple search engine profiles to monitor, including localized searches (as I do here for my website located in Utrecht, the Netherlands):

Monitor search engine rankings

After this, your site is added to the dashboard. Your first rankings are retrieved immediately, and then monitored from day to day (you can even specify the time of day for this). After a few days, you can see the progress over time. A general trend is visible on the main dashboard, calculated from the sum of keywords:

To see detailes rankings, select one of the configured sites. You will then see the rankings for each individual keyword. This allows to monitor your progress in much detail, both in a list and in a graph:

Other features

Apart from tracking rankings, the tool offers a few other features:

As you can see, these include a Google Analytics dashboard, competitor information (if configured), Online marketing plan (a pretty nice SEO checklist actually), plus a Website audit feature. This is pretty nice for on-site SEO purposes, as it checks your configured sites for correct setup of your paramaters, like Metadata (correct length), existence of H1-titles, existence of robots.txt and sitemap.xml, etc. The list in the audit feature is quite extensive, providing both a rough overview: 

However, also a more detailed report is generated. Links to pages in error are provided, allowing you to quickly define all area's that give you headaches:

Some other features that have been introduced lately are a Keyword suggest tool and a Backlink monitoring tool, allowing you to check if once configured backlinks are still active. Nice to check in case of agreeements with third-parties that are linking to you to see if they remain in place.


Free 2-weeks trial accounts are available, and paid plans start at $7,- a month for the basic plan (5 campaigns, 50 keywords), which is pretty cheap. If you need more campaigns or keywords, prices go up of course. You can even buy a self-hosted version for a one-time fixed amount. 

You can sign up on the SE Ranking sign-up page.