Moz: Full SEO Analysis Service

logo pdb (formerly is one of the best on-page SEO tool, highly recommended by (see review). Free for 1 account (forever)!!! (formerly known as SeoMoz) is probably the best known full SEO service, and has been around for quite a while. It is probably the best known service, and they maintain an excellent blog with also many resource for starting SEO agents. Especially the Moz SEO starter guide is a very interesting bit of reading, and you don't need to be a Moz subscriber to have access to it. It is an excellent example of link-bait: offering very interesting content for free that encourages being linked to.

Apart from these free resources, Moz is not a cheap service. If you need more then 5 projects, you already need a $249,- subscription.... However, it might be worth while, you can sign up for a free trial for 30 days. The price probably makes it more interesting for larger agencies. Smaller agencies could be better off to check out Raven Tools or WebCEO.

Once you sign up and you start creating your first project, you are requested to fill in some basic options, enter your main keywords, name some competitors and connect your Google Analytics account. Also you can configure your brand name as a phrase to be tracked. Moz will then initiate an initial crawl of your site, which can take up to 24 hours. You will be notified once finished, and then you can check out your data. from the initial dashboard:


Basically it is a quick overview of visits, popularity and trends. As on almost any screen, there is an export button, allowing you to create fancy PDFs to impress your clients (white labelled for the top-subscriptions).

The navigation is subdivided in four groups:

  • Search: For analytics-data, keyword rankings and on-page SEO issues
  • Social: for your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ campaigns
  • Links: For backlink-analysis and finding opportunities to link too
  • Brands and mentions: To find out whether your brand is subject to discussions on the web

These 4 options provide crucial information about the current campaign. On top of that, there are quite a few other tools for further investigation. Most known is the Open Site Explorer, hosted on Also non-Moz subscribers have limited access to this tool, and it provides very detailed information about backlinks to any site with the option to download to a CSV report.

Further tools are:

  • Fresh Web explorer, to find recent mentions of phrases relevant to you.
  • Rank Tracker, for tracking ranks in different search engines (updated weekly)
  • Keyword Difficulty, to determine difficulty to score on specific keywords
  • On-page Grader, to check how well a page is optimized for certain keywords (on-site SEO)
  • FollowerWonk, for detailed Twitter analysis
  • And many more

The value of the information provided is very good and detailed, but whether the price of the product is worth it is up to you to decide. Five sites can be tracked for either $99,- or $149,0, depending on whether your reports should be white-labeled or not, for 10 sites you need a $249,- subscription, going up. pricing page.

Also Moz recently launched Moz Local, as a separate servce, for local businesses.

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