Joomla SEO Quick Scan (€99)

Do you have a perfect website, but is it hard to find on Google? Let me find out what your issues are. I have a lot of experience with SEO issues for Joomla websites, and should be able to tell you what to do in order to get your website high in the Google rankings again. The Joomla SEO Quick Scan offers you a limited version of the full SEO Audit service. Where the full scan costs € 495,-, the Quick Scan only costs only €99,-. With limited costs, you will receive extremely valuable data!

What will you get for the SEO Quick Scan

I will do a basic, but still thorough check on the SEO status of your Joomla website. Mind that I will not just run some kind of automated scan that you can also do yourselve, I will do a manual review. The quick scan does not result in an extended report, but I will simply email my findings directly.

Note that I will fully focus on on-site SEO issues (including local SEO). I will only roughly touch off-site topics like linkbuilding and social media issues as these are not Joomla specific issues. 

Will you guarantee results?

Following my instructions will get you a very solid base to work from, especially if you also work on off-site popularity, but I cannot promise you nr. 1 positions on specific keywords. Doing so would cause a blind focus on just a few keywords, while my aim is to make your site as trustworthy as possible from a Google perspective. 

The result will usually be an improvement in most keywords relevant for your site though, both your main keywords, but also long-tail keywords. Note that typically, SEO improvements take 2-6 months before improvements result in higher rankings.

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