Joomla Performance tuning (€150)

Note: this service is no longer offered as a separate service!

When your website is slow this does not only annoy you as a site administrator, but also your visitors and ultimately Google. To avoid being penalized or loosing traffic and sales, you should do something about it. Of course you can read my tutorials about the subject of Joomla performance, but if you lack the technical skills or simply don't have the time, you can ask me to perform the optimization for you.

What will you get?

First of all I will perform an initial performance measurement to set a baseline for the optimization. Based on that I will perform all actions necessary, either within Joomla or on the server. In cases where the design might be affected, I will not perform the actions myself, but I will report the issue and let you take care of this (say, a very inefficient slideshow that should be replaced).

Having performed these actions, I will perform a final measurement to prove that the site is faster. Of course I cannot control all aspects of your site. If your hostings sucks, this is not something I can control, but if this is the case, I will of course advise on this.

In many cases, I achieved improvements of over 50 percent!!!


Do you need more information, or do you want me to start right away? Get in touch with me through the contact form now. I can usually give you a quick indication whether I can indeed be of course.

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Simon, thank you for the excellent work. Having had Joomla websites for over seven years, I was getting used to occasionally slow response times. Thanks to your tuning and tweaking our sites we were able to cut load time by over 50% as well as have it present a more aesthetically pleasing look. I would highly recommend you to any Joomla site owner.
Craig Aberle,
I feel lucky to have stumbled upon JoomlaSEO to address our page speed issues. Simon was quick to respond and now our site is receiving high marks on GTmetrix. I’m not a tech person yet Simon was able to explain things in a way that made the process easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend this service for any business with a Joomla site. Simon, thanks for your knowledge and expertise — I’m a fan!
Katherine Huey,

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