Joomla Extensions & Plugins

A limited selection of approved SEO and performance-related Joomla extensions.


Easy Frontend SEO

This is probably my most favourite SEO extension. Especially where I collaborate with less advanced users, it allows them to very easily manage SEO metadata from the frontend. Also for sites that I build using Yootheme Pro, it makes access to the metadata section very easy.

In the backend. more advanced options are available, but easy maintenance is the biggest advantage. The pro-version allows for even more options, especially the possibility to control the canonical URL.

Another nice SEO extension from the same develeoper is NSTS (Non-SEF to SEF), a very simple plugin that creates a redirect for all your non-SEF links.

Google Structured Data Markup

This extensions makes adding structured data to your Joomla website very easy. Also, maintaining the data needed for your Google My Business profile is easy.


RSSEO! is a very impressive SEO extension that I can highly recommend, built by RSJoomla! It is relatively easy to use, but also contains power-tools for advanced users. And contrary to some of the SEF extensions, the risk of messing up your site is low. This extension is a paid extension, you need a subscription (starting from €29), but it's worth the money.


OSMeta is meant to be used as a central dashboard for managing your Joomla articles metadata. There are more extensions that provide this functionality, but some of those are quite extensive with a lot of additional features and complexity. If you just need a central overview, OSMeta is a really nice extension. Also, it does not add a separate layer of administration, like others sometime do. It does not matter if you create your metadata within the Joomla article, or from the central dashboard, it is the same (core) field you are editing. This means you could have the central dashboard for the main administrator, while less powerfull users can simply create an article with corresponding metadata.


OSmap does just what you would expect it to do: create and maintain your sitemaps. It does so very simple and user-friendly and is highly recommended.


This is the sitemap extensions for pro's. For beginners it may be a bit too complex, but advanced users will be able to tune their sitemaps just as they want, with also a lot of SEO features on board.


This website is especially made to assist you in the SEO process of your website, giving you many visible hints to improve your SEO. It is well suited for beginners, but also for site administrators that need to allow end-users access to metadata.

This extensions is from the same developers as the famous PWT ACL extension, and they also have a very nice sitemap extension.

JCH Optimize

Making your website fast is what this extension is about, and it does so very efficiently. It mainly optimizes the CSS and Javascript of your site, but also enables advanced features like image-optimization, lazy-loading, CDN's, etcetera. See here for my full review of this extension. is fully built and written by Simon Kloostra, Joomla SEO Specialist and Webdesigner from the Netherlands. I have also published the Joomla 3 SEO & Performance SEO book. Next to that I also sometimes blog for companies like OStraining, TemplateMonster, SEMrush and others. On the monthly Joomla Community Magazine I have also published a few articles. is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Joomla! Project™. Use of the Joomla!® name, symbol, logo and related trademarks is permitted under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters, Inc.
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