After all your work, it is a good thing to verify that you did a good job by SEO auditing your site. Especially if you only have 1 or a few sites, is a tool I can absolutely recommend, as it gives you an extremely thorouh SEO audit for on-page SEO issues. Next to that, and both offer free plans that also include a full on-page SEO verification, plus some off-site features as well, like ranktracking, social media tracking and Analytics integration. Also, a free (for sites with 500 URLs or less) desktop tool that can crawl and scan your sites is Screaming Frog SEO Spider, many SEO people use this one.

Personally, I currently mainly use SEO Powersuite. It is a desktop suite of 4 tools, that all can be used for free with some limitations (you cannot save projects). But contrary to many cloud SEO solutions, you don't have to pay large monthly sums. It is basically a one-off fee to buy the product, plus aminimal fee to keep the product updated.

The tool I mostly use is the Website Auditor. i simply paste in the URL of the site I want to audit and then the toll starts checking all URLs of the site for issues:

website auditor dashboard

It checks for many, many issues, like:

  • Broken links
  • Broken images
  • Missing or duplicate page-titles and meta descriptions
  • Correct lengths of metadata
  • Correct set-up with regards to www / non-www set-up
  • Correct use of SSL
  • Redirects
  • Canonical URL's
  • And much more

Also, it generates a full list of URL's with all properties, like page titles, Robots status, use of H1 headings, etcetera. You can easlily export this list to a spradsheet for further analysis, usually revealing even more isues than the actual audit already revealed.

One of the features I like most is that it checks the Google index for Orpahn pages: pages indexed in Google that a 'normal' crawl did not discover. This means: URL's that are not accessible through navigating the site as a user. Many sites suffer from this and it reveals pages you might not even remember you had them. Usually, they are worthless and harm your SEO: why having pages that cannot be navigated to? Now that you know they are there you can get rid of them or redirect them.

Other tools in the suite are a Rank Tracking tool to monitor your rankings in Google for the keywords you entered, a tool to check backlinks to your site and a tool to discover new link-opprtunities. Especially the Rank Tracker is a tool I especially like.

So, SEO Powersuite is a tool I highly recommend, and you can try it out for free at

Download SEO Powersuite for free

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