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I just released an extensive 3.5 hour video course on the Udemy marketplace about Joomla Performance and Speed! This training gives you an immense wealth of knowledge about the subject, even more then you can already find right here on Joomlaseo.com. And even better:

Just use coupon code JOOMLA-SEO while registering it for a 40% discount. Just go to Udemy.com to view and register. Just one thing: please leave a review once you finished watching, I would greatly appreciate it ;)

Course Description

Fast Joomla websites, that is what this course is about. I will talk about optimizing the Joomla core settings, but also how third-party plugins and services can help you make your site even faster. As long as you know the basics of Joomla administration you should be able to follow this course.

The course takes 4 hours, with mainly video and some slide-presentations and is easy to follow for intermediate Joomla enthousiasts.

I will first explain why it is so important to have a fast website and also talk about your hosting environment before we jump into Joomla. Then we will optimize Joomla, using the caching and zipping-features inside the CMS. After having optimized Joomla and your hosting parameters we will discuss a number of plugins that make Joomla even faster. These plugins are about stuff like optimizing CSS and Javascript, using Content Delivery Networks, etcetera.

We will also discuss optimizing images, often the biggest resource part of a website. Finally, we will discuss optimizing for mobile devices.

In the end, you will no longer have a slow website, it will probably be more then twice as fast as it was!

What are the requirements?

  • A basic understanding of Joomla administration
  • Know the basics of setting plugin parameters

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 46 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  •  Know the optimization options inside Joomla
  •  Choose plugins to enhance performance
  •  Make your Joomla website load screaming fast

What is the target audience?

  • Users with slow sites
  • Users with sites that perform well, but want further improvement
  • Users that want to understand the concepts of a fast Joomla website


Just go to www.udemy.com/joomla-performance-and-speed to view and register. Use coupon code JOOMLA-SEO to register with 50% off! And please leave a review guys ;)

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