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I already spoke about the importance of choosing a good Joomla-specialized web host. For a long time, I have been hosting my sites with Siteground and I can currently fully recommend them.

I have had some issues over the past years every now and then, but currently, I am perfectly happy with the performance of my sites and the ease of management.

Clean and simple interface

The first time you sign in to their backend, you may have to get used to their interface, but within minutes, you will probably find it really easy to use. Personally, I really like the interface: it is very clean and it only contains what I need:


Though at first sight, it seems you have much fewer options than you were used to in Cpanel or other server administration software, everything is really there. Also, you can very easily switch between sites that you host.


There are a lot of features I like. I won't list the obvious stuff, but will only mention what stands out:

  • You can create and host sites on temporary domains, which I use a lot for sites I develop for my customers
  • Easily switch PHP versions back and forth
  • Excellent backup and restore options with a very easy interface (one of the most important features for me)
  • Fast support, mostly in minutes

Speed & performance

But the most important issue is: site speed! I have occasionally tested some other web hosts that colleagues recommended to me, but when I tested them, they could never beat Siteground. Internally, they optimized their servers with their Super Cacher feature. On top of the basic caching, you can even activate Dynamic cache and Mem cache. Unfortunately for Dynamic cache, you need a plugin and the Joomla plugin that they provided is not upgraded to Jooma 4, but even without it, my sites are still superfast.


Siteground is not the cheapest web host, but for me, it will be the choice for the coming years. Feel free to check out their packages here:

Siteground hosting packages

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