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Revo Optimizer: optimize Yootheme performance

This is just a quick blog post about the Revo Optimizer plugin. It is a performance plugin created especially for Yootheme Pro templates. In itself, Yootheme templates are already very fast and lightweight, but the last year or so, Google is aiming more and more for speed, with a focus on Page Experience and Core Web Vitals, and that is what this plugin is for.


Installation is easy, and a lot of work is done automatically. On top of that, you have a few options to customize processing:

revo plugin

For Joomla 3 and 4, there are some additional settings.

I noticed on some sites, I had to recompile the Less files in Yootheme (Style section, at the bottom) to make it work fully. 

Results in Lighthouse

After installation, Lighthouse scores improved quite a bit for both mobile and desktop, see this screenshot of the desktop test (mobile result is a 97 score):


Note that it was not simply a matter of installing the plugin to get these results, but it sure helped for the last few percentages!


If you're interested to try it out, you can order it through for €25,-.

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