New domain:!

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I recently acquired the domain This could not be more close to my topic, even though there was nothing wrong with my previous domain ( It is always a bit risky to change your domain, but if you do things right, Google should usually be pretty quick to replace your site with the new domain in the search engine results pages (SERP). So, the only thing I still really have to is to ask you te re-like my site and posts. I would be much obliged if you did ;)


If you're interested, here is what I did to move my domain (basically based on my previous article about moving domains):

  • Register the domain
  • Verify the new domain in my Google Webmaster Tools account, including www version (and cdn version in this case)
  • Create the new site (exact copy of the old one)
  • Create a .htaccess files with redirects for the whole site, including the cdn and place it in the root of the new site
  • Optionally, wipe out the rest of the old site
  • Perform the Change of address procedure in Google Webmaster Tools (and in Bing Webmaster too)
  • And that is it.....

The only thing you really miss are the social media. Of course any existing likes will be redirected to the new site if you click them, but they do not show up on the new site. Frankly there are procedures to arrange even this. but my current plugin does not support this, and frankly I don't worry too much about this.

Findings since changing the domain

Google took about 3 days to update their index to change my old domain to One nice thing I noticed pretty soon after changing the domain is that Google+ likes appeared to be redirected, and they have re-appeared under the count buttons for the new domain.

In the first few days after the redirection, visitor numbers were still pretty high, mostly because this was in the time interval between the switch and Google updating the index. So, this was all traffic pointed at in the SERP, which was redirected because of my 301-redirects. Then for a few weeks I had lower visitor numbers, almost 50% less. This was mostly due to lowered rankings for the new domain. Happily, after a few weeks these rankings climed back to their original position, and so did the vistor numbers. The following image shows the trend. It is a combined image of the old and the new domain:

google analytics visibility

So, happily, in the end SEO was not affected, and I have a much nicer domain ;)

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