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This week Jsitemap version 3.3 has been released, and it contains some massive improvements. You can read my updated review here, but let me shortly discuss the new features here, as otherwise you might miss it... In version 3.2 and 3.3 Jsitemap becomes more of a full SEO extension then just a sitemap generator. Let me shortly discuss the new features: Video sitemaps, Metadata management, Google Index and ranking checking and API access for third-party developers, almost making it a full SEO extension:

  • First of all Video sitemaps are fully supported, including embedded ones from Youtube, Vimeo and other sources.
  • You can now control all your metadata (page titles, metadescriptions and robots setting) within Jsitemap.
  • The most stunning addition: check your indexed pages and Google rankings from within Jsitemap, including filtering for language / country.
  • A public API has been added to allow third party developers to integrate external applications with the Joomla sitemap.

I won't elaborate too much here, just check my full review here. By the way, I also have a separate article on sitemaps in general.

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