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SEO copywriting is also about writing texts without any spelling mistakes. Especially if you are a non-native speaker like me (I'm Dutch) this is even more critical. I tended to make some regular mistakes that I would really like to avoid, as well as avoiding style errors. Recently I discovered the Grammarly app. Now while this isn't a Joomla extension but a Google Chrome extension, it is an incredibly handy tool that helps me avoiding errors. Installation is really easy: just go to Grammarly.com within Chrome and click the button to add it to your browser. It will then start checking your texts anywhere on the web where you are adding or editing texts: in your Gmail, Twitter / Facebook or any form. And of course right in your Joomla (or Wordpress) editor.

Grammarly comes in both a free and a paid version, but the free version already is great (I use the free version myself). Here is what you can do with the free version:

  • Spellcheck or incorrect usage of words like then / than
  • Detect missing or incorrect use of comma's
  • Look up meanings of a word you double-click on, plus possible synonyms (great for SEO-writing!)
  • Disable the spell-check for sites where you don't like to use it

What is really great is that the tool does not scream about stuff like code blocks and technical filenames as I often use, it recognizes these as technical and does not mark it as incorrect. So, how does it work:

How to use the Grammarly App?

As soon as you click within the editor window of a Joomla article Grammarly starts checking. It marks any errors with a curly red line while the total number of errors is listed in red at the bottom-left corner. First of all you can make corrections simply within the editor. Just hover over a possible error and you will see some options:

You can select the best suggestion or choose to ignore it if you think your own spelling is better (or add it to your dictionary for often used words). However, you can also double-click a correctly spelled word to look up synonyms, see this example for the word consultant:

Now so far I have been making corrections within the Joomla editor. However, you may have noticed the correct with Grammarly option. Clicking this option opens up a completely new editor window, which is actually really nice to work in, especially if you are mainly checking for corrections in existing text:

 The buttons in the sidebar allow for some overall-checks, while the top-button brings you back to the Joomla-editor, including all your changes. Note that all styling remains intact, as well as any divs or spans you applied in the original text. Images are shown as white blocks, which first made me think the path was lost, but that was not the case, saving the article showed that the image is really there. The editor has a bit of trouble 'showing it', but this is pretty much the only small issue I found.

Grammarly's Pro option

Though the free editor works excellent for most, the Pro-option has even more features on board: 

  • Choosing of writing styles, like business, academic, technical, creative, or casual writing
  • Plagiarism detection (great for SEO: it avoids duplicate content)

And by the way, if you use other browsers than Chrome, you can still use it by pasting text in the Grammarly app.