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Search Engine Optimization & Performance tips for Joomla!

joomla seo tipsJoomla is the perfect CMS to build an SEO friendly website, even without plugins. However, like many other CMS's, it needs tuning and tweaking to perform well. We teach you all the tricks needed: some basic, some more advanced. Next to SEO we also focus on site-speed and tools to audit your SEO efforts.

All the tutorials on this site are completely free to access. And if you're really interested, the Joomla SEO Book I've written might appeal to you, with even more detailed information.

#1 in Google

These tutorials are all about SEO: optimizing Joomla to perform well in search engines. Topics covered: Joomla core settings, metadata, sitemaps, duplicate content, etc.

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Fast Websites

Site performance allows your visitors to browse happily through your site, but it also leads to better conversion, and can even lead to higher rankings.

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SEO Extensions

With extensions and plugins you can enhance your SEO efforts even more. We review some of the best known SEO extensions, focussing on ones that are free.

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Audit Tools

Audit tools are useful for those that are absolutely serious about SEO. They allow you to monitor your site's performance very closely, checking stuff like on-site SEO, rankings, etc.

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The perfect Joomla SEO (e)-book

joomla 3 seo performance bookIf you are looking for a book to help you get your Joomla website high in the Google rankings and load fast, check out the book (188 pages) I've written on the subject. This book is pubished by Apress and is available online in stores like Amazon, Kobo and Apple, but you may also find it in your local bookstore! You can get it in print, but also as an ebook.

Also it is available in French and Dutch!


Five star rating on Amazon!

Based on multiple reviews

This is perhaps the best Joomla book I have bought so far. The author discussed several extensions that were invaluable for improving the speed of my Joomla website.

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Top 10 SEO bloopers in Joomla

Over the last year I have performed quite a few SEO audits. The majority had quite a few issues. Funnily enough, some of these SEO issues were present in most of those sites. In this blogpost I will list the top-10 of the issues I usually find.

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